looking for handbag designers

  1. hello purse forum members,

    as i mentioned in my previous post, i'm starting my own line of handbags brand... In my area there is lack of knowledge and skills to bring my designs in reality :cry:

    as a result i moved the production to europe, and GOD that's very expensive, i started working and i'm not planning to stop, but it would be realy great if i can explore other options besides europe... i'm spending alot on my coming orders :Push:

    let me know if you know of a great talented handbags tailors and coordinators or designers... who knows the in and outs of finding the best of handbags hardware....

    you can email me at: shohra@gmail.com

    thanks alot in advance...:heart:
  2. Didnt hear from any of you :cry:
  3. :flowers:
    ok atleast any1 can give me ideas where i can manufacture my concept bags which are done in europe in other places??