Looking for Gucci seasonal belt bag

  1. Hey Everyone:

    I know I'm new here, but I joined this forum in pursuit of a Gucci belt bag that my gf is in love with. If anybody has any idea as to where I can find one xxxxxxxxxx, it would be much appreciated to a NEWB member.

    The Gucci bag is a seasonal belt bag with blue Gucci print. The strap has red, white, and blue on it.

    Thanks Everyone
  2. is it the fanny pack with 2 compartments? I saw it onsale at the Gucci boutique, the small one in black is also onsale.
  3. Yeah... I think it's sold out there. My lady went to the boutique in our area and they said it sold out 3 weeks ago after going on sale.
  4. This bag is available in Canada at our Holt Renfrew stores. let me know if you need further help!
  5. They have it on sale in the small $279cdn and large $339cdn.

    I am sure you can do a phone order!
    Check www.holtrenfrew.com for phone #s but I know that the store in Toronto Bloor should have both sizes.
    I just ordered the large size for me....
  6. Mona, do you mind posting a pic of your belt bag as I in the market to buy one please & didn't see it at Holts

  7. I actually saw one the other day at Yorkdale Holts...