Looking for Gucci mini Waist Belt Bag..need help!

  1. Ok i am very new to all of this...LOL.:confused1:
    I am looking to find a Gucci Mini Waist Belt Bag.... I dont know where to find one here on Long Island... Any help would be great!
  2. If you are looking for the classic ones in black or brown leather trim, a Gucci boutique, since they never go on sale. For the seasonal color ones, call the Gucci outlets. There are three of them in the States.
  3. [​IMG]i I am lookin for a mini like this:
    I have not seen other colors.. Do you know what they look like??
  4. They have the one that you like in neimanmarcus.com for $455. I saw the pink one and a light blue one at the Cabazon outlets last Saturday for $300 something. Goodluck! :smile:
  5. NM San Antonio has them
  6. good luck
  7. The NM at Tysons Galleria in Mclean, Virginia has them in black. If you are looking for the color ones, the store will have them in stock. You might wanna try gucci.com GOOD LUCK
  8. I called three gucci outlets today looking for the same thing:

    Secaucus, NJ (201) 392-2670
    Desert Hills, CA (951) 849-7430
    Woodbury, NY (845) 928-8034

    they all have it in the brown/beige with pink or light blue belt for $239 :smile: