Looking for gucci in all the wrong places.....


Sep 13, 2005
I've always been hesitant to buy from bluefly. Mainly because of the negative things I've heard about them. But I do regret not getting ALOT of items there. It sucks how once it's gone...it's gone.

Try ebay...or call for chemlex. hehe


Sep 13, 2005
kojiko said:
Try ebay...or call for chemlex. hehe

Your only hope right now is probably eBay. Bluefly and other outlet stores get stuff that the department stores couldn't sell, and once it sells out there it is gone :sad:

My advice would be to set up an ebay favorite search for Gucci shoes in your size with the color you wanted. They send an email to you everyday if something pops up - and who knows you might find some other great Gucci shoes going for cheap.


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Iluvbags said:
Can you post a picture of them. I'm curious to see what they look like.

What have you guys heard bad about bluefly????????

I bought 2 purses from Bluefly: a Burberry barrel bag and a Fendi hobo. Great discounts too! I took the burberry bag and took it to the burberry store and I'm happy to find that it is authentic. However, I'm not so sure if my Fendi bag is authentic or not since Fendi store do not provide authentication service nor do they have the same bag for me to compare it to. =( But overall, I like Bluefly! I love their packaging!!! Let me know if any of you hear anything bad about Bluefly. I think they are pretty legit since they have their own stocks out on the stock market and plus they recently launch their new TV ads. Have you guys seen it on TV yet?