Looking for GST/ PST/ Timeless Tote in black?

  1. I am not very sure which one I want to go for and it would be helpful if you could post a pic on GST/PST and.. the other one I believe is called Timeless Tote which is like a baby Gst?

    What are the retail price?

    and any chanel store happy to ship to new zealand? (I dont want to deal with the pervious store anymore..)

    many thanks for all your help!
  2. Hi, Choless
    There's a lot of timeless tote & GST in melbourne and they will send to NZ but you need to pay for the shipping. The timeless is AU$2490 and the GST is the same i think. Hope this helps.
  3. there's a TON of photos already posted, please visit the Reference Library:yes:
  4. thanks! i will contact the Melbourne store.