Looking for Gryson Olivia/Skye

  1. Hi - I am really new to these boards. All you guys are so great and helpful to each other.

    I have recently discovered the beauty of both the gryson and bulga lines.

    I was at my local Nord. Rack and spied two Gryson Mollies - I think in a red and dark brown - they were $199 I think..

    Anyone see any Olivias or Skyes at their NRs? I am looking for darker colors. And I have never seen these bags in person - can you wear them on your arm? or Just on the shoulder?

    I also picked up a bluga for $149 - I don't know the name of the style - it dark brown and looks like a coin purse that been folded over. I wasn't sure about the style but loved the buttery leather and the craftsmanship. I only problem is it didn't come with a dust bag.

  2. Hmmm, the Nordstrom rack near me doesn't have Bulga and Gryson. Lucky you! I've seen a few Gryson Olivias and Skyes on eBay, though... Hope it helps!
  3. The NR's that I have been to have been pretty lame. There must be some much better ones on the west coast than on the east coast.
  4. The NR near me, near the LA Airport, had several Gryson's last week, but no Olivia's or Skye's, only one Molly and some Joseys. I've never seen Bulga's there either. However, it can be really random -- and when good stuff comes in, it goes fast!
  5. The Skye or Olivia are both a shoulder or tote bag. They have long detachable straps that buckle on to make it a shoulder bag. Wonderful bags. Truthfully though the Skye/Olivia and the Tate are the only bags that interest me from this designer and I have both so I am probably done unless they come out with something really neat.