looking for grey first s/s 06 anyone know if barneys ny or bal ny still have it?

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  1. i really want to get a first but i don't know if i can wait for the spring 07 colors to come out officially.

    has anyone checked out Barneys ny or bal stock lately? if so, do they still have the grey first s/s 06? i've been thinking about it for weeks and now i think i may get it as an early bday present for myself- its been a tough month at work (oh the excuses we create to justify our purchases!!) :graucho:
  2. i'm going to Barneys this friday.. Barneys beverly hills they still have it.. you want me to make sure again for you?

    i talked to my SA, her name is Nguyen, today, and she said they still have the grey one... i threw the list i wrote down when i was on the phone with her somewhere.. i'll look again, but i'm sure they have it...
  3. there's a gray first listed by my favorite UK seller - tedstar (or something like that) gorgeous
  4. there's a store called sachoce in bahrain i think they still have some of s/s 06 bags, if you're interested tell me and i'll give their number.
  5. ^^ i've heard tedstar's a wonderful seller ;)

    p.s. i love your beautiful siamese kitty-cat obcessed!!!
  6. I have the grey one and I am absolutely in love!!!! I hope you find one soon cause they're going pretty fast!!:yahoo:
  7. y'all are so sweet, thanks guys!!! these are all great options. i think i might hit up bal ny for the first time tomorrow and check out their stock in person and if nothing i'll check out tedstar.

    thanks aaallabama, that's Milo- he is part tonkinse and burmese, they are just like dogs!
  8. oh noooooooooooooooooo, i can't stand it, whatta cutie, i wanna reach thru the computer & hug him!!! :love:
  9. i just came back from bal ny and bought my gray first!!! the SA was super nice and brought out 5 different bags and one of them was just perfect, it was a really beautiful smooshy dark gray with a slight greenish tinge which might sound ugly to some ppl but it really goes well with alot of the colors i usually wear. i saw the fall cement but i thought it was way too light for me. she also brought out a really pretty brownish gray which is the marron or olive brown for fall. i also spoke with her about the spring colors which i will post on a different thread bc i think it might interest a lot of ppl. thanks to everyone! when i find my camera i will try and post a photo. :smile:
  10. Congratulations, can't wait to see it!
  11. here she is! it was really hard to get an accurate photo. sometimes she looked more lilac and other times more green. i shot her in different lights and i think the third is the most accurate. she is pretty dark for a gray which is what i love about this one. i am keeping her in the storage bag and not wearing her until my bday but its sooo hard! :wtf:
    photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg
  12. oh your gray is just gorgeous!!! which picture shows its color most accurately? I love it!
  13. congrats...its gorgeous...enjoy.
  14. Beautiful, I saw the gray first IRL and I think she is amazing, classic chic!
  15. i would try the ny store 212.206.0872. my fav sales associate is daisy, but joseph is nice too.

    ps. i am new to the forum.
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