Looking for great SA recommendation..NYC flagship store

  1. HI all,

    So I have my favorite, favorite SA that I always deal with, but she works out of one of the satellite store in Macy's Herald Square. The problem is, I was in the flagship store on sat. on 57th and I felt overwhelmed..so many SA..didn't know who was any good. I bought a pair of sneakers for my husband, but I felt like the girl that helped didn't really know much..ya know what I mean. So, I'm looking for another vital contact at this location. Does anyone frequent the NYC flagship store? any SA recommendations?
  2. O god, there is this short Russian lady, reddish hair I forgot her name!!! SHE'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  3. hmm.. my gf said that Danielle is very nice.
  4. There are 3 who absolutely rock: Jolene, Annie and Viki. They are personable, helpful and knowledgeable. Your experience with the sneakers could be due to the fact that unlike the 34th Street location, there is a full line of product at 57th street and each SA is assigned to a specific product. So a ready-to-wear specialist won't know everything about bags. I hope you enjoy your next trip to the temple, er, store.
  5. I'll recommend my old SA from the NJ store, he's now at the NYC flagship store, his name is Mohammed, and he is the very best!!!! I miss him so much from my local store :crybaby:

    He always got me what I wanted, he always went that extra mile :yes:
  6. yayyyy viktoria! i love her! i always go to her :yes: and annie sold me my last purchase - damier trousse make-up!
  7. The staff there just keeps getting better and better. Somebody is making super-smart hiring decisions.
  8. DO NOT USE NICOLE if she is still there.
  9. Should I ask for Viki or Viktoria? THanks.
  10. i go to the louis vuitton store in bloomingdales . i love Andrew from there .. he is awesome !