Looking for good plastic surgeons in Seoul?

  1. Hi,

    I saw one or two guys there but didn't really notice them haha
  2. Thank you for your compliments! ^^
    Immediately after my consultation I had my surgery. Reason because, I had my consultation done in Singapore. And when I go over, I had an even more detailed consultation and then I can get ready for my surgery. I made an appointment beforehand that's why I can schedule my surgery so soon. I paid full amount.
  3. Hey dolls!

    Here's more recent pictures of me. Already on my 3months plus post surgery.
    I did it at ITEM Plastic Surgery Clinic.


    You can email itemclinic @ gmail.com for enquiries. And good news to people living in Singapore/Malaysia, Dr Chung Woojin (He did my eyes) is coming on 3rd February(SG) and 4th February(MY) for free face to face consultation. For more details you can email them! ^^


    All the besttttt~ ^^

  4. Wow! They did a really good job!
  5. Very pretty!

    Just wondering because I saw your B&A pics.. Did you get revision for your eyes? Because it doesn't look like it changed that much, they still look quite big in the before pics.

    You nose looks so nice though! Did you wear any shades/glasses? How long did it take for you to be able to wear them?

    And I'm kind of worried about using silicone though. I heard that it's better to use autologous tissue instead since it has less chance of protrusion/shrinkage. Will you end up having to replace the silicone/do nose revision after a few years? I highly doubt that it will last for such a long time.
  6. Nope, this is my first time getting eyelid surgery. I used to have single eyelids with very mild double eyelids. Only obvious when I put on falsies/eye make up.

    I did wear shades/glasses. I try to play safe and wear them 2~3 months later. I dont think I will end up doing a revision unless I break my nose or I got sick of this nose haha
  7. Hey pretty girl, just want to know how much for the eyelid and the nose job?

    GUYS WANT TO LOOK PRETTY TOO OK (to get chicks in clubs :biggrin:)
  8. xvx666, u look super pretty, how much did they quote u for just the double eyelid surgery? When did they remove your stitches? Did they provide u hotels? Thanks for your pix again, i can't wait to do mine....but still wondering when to go there.... = (
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    I will be going to Korea on Feb 3rd. Wanna meet up? :smile: Even if we dont go to the same clinic I was hoping we can go travel in Seoul during the recovery process. Hit me if u would like to.xxx
  10. hi XVX666,

    thanks for sharing your experience, and might i add you look gorgeous. i just recently had a revision eyelid surgery done at BKdy. honeslty speaking, i wasn't aware of bkdy negative review before doing the surgery. a friend of mine did her surgery there and the result looks amazing. so i decided to go there my self. i'm extremely happy with my own result so i am currently looking for a clinic other then bkdy to do my nose revision. Banobagi was my first choice. but seeing the amazing result that you gotten from item clinic, i might want to reconsider. one questions, does item offer to use of your own body material to create the bridge of your nose? if so, why did you choose to with with silicone instead?

  11. Hi leelc99,

    Mine was $5k plus for nose and eyes :smile:
  12. Hi kiwilola,

    Mine was SGD$5k plus. And i got my stitches removed on the 7th day. If you need hotel, pick up services, ITEM clinic can provide it.
  13. Hi Shane77,

    Thank you for your compliment. The doctor will recommend the best material suitable for each cases. Did you try emailing them?
  14. Hi xvx666! How much was your nose surgery alone? Did you do alar for your nose?

    Anyway you looked really good. :smile:
  15. hi XVX666,

    thanks for your response. i did manage to get in touch with item once. but for some reason after the first response from them, the communication abruptly stopped for not apparently reason. i'm still trying to get in touch with them and hopefully there will response. other wise i might just go with another clinic for for my nose. where you from any way if you don't mind me asking.