Looking for good plastic surgeons in Seoul?

  1. wow i wanna look at pictures too
    any advise on eye revision? and first nose job?
  2. Hi,

    Have you decided which clinic to go to ?
  3. Hi, do you have to wait a long time to consult the docs at Item or when you go back for check-up?
  4. xvx666, I am confused - the email on the English site is different from that you mentioned. Are they the same?
  5. xvx666, do you know what is nunseonghyeong ? Is it double eyelid surgery? Sorry for all these questions.

    By the way, you are packing up already?
  6. XVX666 Tnx for sharing your experience and insights in your procedure. I wish you all the best and hope that you are satisfied with your result :smile:

    I am 30 yo Singaporean female finally deciding to have rhinoplasty done. I am targeting the operation to start next year around April. This will give me loads of time to think carefully, do my research and ask my Korean friends to help me too. lol

    Pls update more on your recovery progress! I will likely do the same next year when I go over there for ops. (After deciding the clinic and doctor) :smile:

  7. How is your hotel? Clean and nice? Near to Item?
  8. Hi xvx666,

    can I have your before & after also? Thank you.

    kltran80 at gmail dot com
  9. Sorry you didnt quote me so I didnt see this.

    nun (눈) is eyes
    seonghyeong (성형) is plastic surgery

    so yes it means eyelid surgery.

    And I'm back home already :smile:
  10. Yes they are the same. The english website is up already. http://www.itemcliniceng.com/ is the english version of itemclinic.com
  11. Hello all,

    Sorry I haven't been updating much. But instead of email each and everyone of you my B&A pictures. I'm gonna post it here. However, if you have any questions or wanna see more of my pictures, you still can email me :smile:

    Left is before. Right is after.
    I only did eyes and nose. No face contouring or whatsoever. My eyes, nose and face are still slightly swollen in the pictures.

    My email is betterxdays @ live.com
  12. HI, vxv666,

    Very nice. Does the doc put the silicon on the radix or after the radix ?

  13. omg you fricken hot biatchhhhh~~~~~~ :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  14. oh gosh, you look really pretty :biggrin:
    i just sent you an email hope to hear from you soon.