Looking for good plastic surgeons in Seoul?

  1. Hi xvx666

    able to send me pics on ur before and after photos? wanted to find out more b4 i settle on BK, email address beebwen32@yahoo.com.sg

    many thanks in advance
  2. OMG! You were so pretty before and even prettiER after surgery! I'm leaning towards ITEM now after I saw your results. May I ask what you have done to your eyes? I have mongolian/fatty eyelids. What types of procedures do i need to get the outfold like yours? Thank you.
  3. I am planing to go to Korea this September for plastic surgery, if anyone would like to go with, please let me know. My email is :" simple_gal84@yahoo.com"
  4. I am plan to go there this September. I'm from US also. I think if you speak Korean then you may not need her around and take care of you. However it is nice to have someone around when you are covered with bandage.
  5. hi dear

    you might need to remove the excess fats/skin if needed. where do you stay? try going for consultations! ^^
  6. Hi everybody, I was just wondering, do any of you guys know of anyone who can take foreigners to different consultations and do aftercare services? LIke, half carer half translator? I know of Zoe, but she is booked out for the time I am going - and I am desperate to find someone else! or maybe even perhaps where you can find these services?
  7. Hello xvx!

    I was literally amazed by the beauty of how ITEM can change you into! And you looked fabulous now! Happy for you babe! :smile:

    I'm gng to seoul this coming Jan 2013 for my double eyelid surgery as well. I have alr emailed ITEM few days back but they havent got back to me yet :sad:

    Can i know how much did they charged you just for your eyelid surgery EXCLUDING ur nose job? Cos banobagi replied me and they quoted me a crazy price of 3-3.5K SGD! Is that the market rate for eyelid surgery in korea? I thought it was 1K plus all along :sad: So i need you to let me know how much did ITEM charge you just for eyes and is banobagi wayyy to overpriced?

    Thanks babe! :smile:
  8. Hey,

    Did you get your surgery at Item as well? May I know what surgeries have you done? Do you mind sharing your before and after pics with me? I will keep it confidential. My email is lotsajunkie @ yahoo dot com dot sg
  9. You look really good!! I'm glad it turned out so well for you! Now I'm beginning to consider Item again. I had crossed it out actually because Elaine seemed to be taking ages to get back to me. And the quote they have sent me on my procedures, were not the exact procedures I had discussed with Dr Kim before, when I met him during his consultation in Singapore.

    Can you share with me about your recovery after your surgery? Did you take any supplements or medication? Which hotel did you stay at and for how long were you in Korea for?

    Did you do the surgery on the day you arrived in Korea? How did you pay for the surgeries, in cash and in Korean won or did you pay in Sin dollars or credit card?

    Sorry for asking so many questions as I'm really nervous about my trip to Korea this Sept and I'm going alone! Freaking out and paranoid about not getting the face surgeries exactly the way I want it to be.

    Pls advise. I will appreciate it so much!! Thanks!
  10. hey lotsajunkie, plez check ur email, just sent a message n sum pics b4 n after. r u can add me on face b o o k: suetfungwong @ y m a i l dot c o m:biggrin:
  11. Ahh! More knowledgeable people in this thread too, I see! I have been asking around about if there is a liposuction procedure available to make the area above the upper lip (between nose and lips) less protruding? Mine is very FAT and I think it would look better less thick. Any suggestions? Thank you kindly!
  12. Hi there , what surgery r u gonna do in Korea ? ^^
  13. Hi , u really got a good job done, n good recovery as well :smile:
  14. omg! you look really good. Do you happen to know anyone who has done jaw surgery at Items. I've already sent in my queries and pics for online consultation. I thought it's good see hear from others who had done the same surgery.
  15. Hi Sophia830
    Am going to Korea in march next year as well. Hav u been there before ? I never been there myself but I have a local friend there . I am from Sydney . Let us get this done !! Wat r u thinking having done ?