Looking for good plastic surgeons in Seoul?

  1. Her b&a are on page 3. :p
  2. I read through the original post but I couldn't find if her nose job was a primary or revision?

    She already had a high bridge in her before pics.
  3. what is your email? I'll send my b&a including latest pictures to you.
  4. Hi

    Just read your blog, and very interested in Item Clinic now because of you. Can you email me your before and after photos please at NYKC@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you :biggrin:
  5. ok ill drop you an email asap~^^
  6. Hello guys and gals. I am in Seoul now. I have an appointment tomorrow morning and in the afternoon. if anyone is in the area and wants to hang out let me know. i want to go watch snowhite and the huntsman and at night probably go to dance club. hit me up!
  7. Can anyone share their experience or knowledge about any of the following doctors for rhinoplasty? M looking for a good doctor for nose jobs.

    Dr. Lee from VIP
    Dr. Park from ID
    Dr. Jung from Shimmian
    Dr. Kim from BK

    Thank you! :smile: Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, XVV666. Well done to Dr.Kim & Dr.Chung.
    Do u hav Medial Epic or Lateral Epic for the surgery? U had a visible nice double eyelid on your before surgery pic. :tup:
  9. Anyone here have recommendations for a surgeon that does both eyelid/ptosis/epicanthoplasty and rhinoplasty really well?
  10. i'm new here :smile: anyone can tell me how much does it cost for a nose job. i want to know like how much it cost so i can roughly get a idea. :smile:
  11. Nope~ No Epicanthoplasty or lateral canthotomy. I used to have very mild almost close to no double eyelid. Only have it when I have make up on. ^^
  12. I will be in seoul on 23rd~1st july. If you need any advise, or wanna see my results in person, let me know.
  13. xvx 666,how much was your nose surgery only? :help:
  14. Less than SGD$5k.
  15. Can you please email your picture before and after to share ? joyce_lhk@yahoo.com

    I'm also looking for nose rhinoplasty in korea but don't which to go too.

    Thanks you