Looking for good plastic surgeons in Seoul?

  1. Hello! I'm new here! I also want to fly to korea to get a revision rhino but i have small children so i really dont know how am i gonna do this. TT
    so i looked up some korean doctors in korea town in los angeles and i found several.
    Anyone know sk? Wave? Enhance? David kim? They seem like a good doctors, i like their before after photos but i would like to get some references before i decide. Thank you..
  2. Why cant you leave them with your parents or partner if they live nearby. you only need to be gone for like 2 weeks i think.
  3. Hey liveinprettier

    where you from? i am going to go get epicanthoplasty done too and i know who's a good doctor for that maybe we can go together? i'm just trying to save up money now so i can go..do you have skype or msn? so we can talk?

  4. hey willw, when are you planning on going? i'm from toronto too and also interested!
  5. You're from toronto too? wow i had no idea we were so close..i can't believe this , this is great..well i don't have enough money saved up yet..but i plan to go as soon as i get enough money..because of the horrific job the last surgeon did..i can't even get a job..do you have msn or skype or a phone number where we can talk more?
  6. What's your Skype name? I'll add you!
  7. My skype name is braveheartray ..whats yours ? when are you gonna be online?
  8. I'm on skype right now..waiting for you to come on
  9. Hey liveinprettier,

    i am looking to get epicanthopahy and revision done too..i am just trying to save up money now for the surgery...do u have msn or skype? maybe we can go together since we are doing to get the same type of surgery done..

    i'm a guy btw
  10. Hi Dear Member!

    Im back from cheonan seoul at Eve Plastic Surgery for my Epi Reversal & Fat Graft. Im Super happy with my result, price is really affordable..i got a great deal for my epi reversal & fat graft. I have start a new thread for people who looking for Epi Reversal as its a rare revision case to fin in forum...My Thread is (Successful Epi Reversal with Eve Plastic Surgery) there is before & after photo & clinic photo as well as Dr Chung korea news article. He is Specialize in Eyes work! Do search the thread for more details. Good Luck!
  11. Hey Worries,

    Irene.sis..is that you? so you went for your epi? i have been messaging you non stop ..but you never replied..i'm so happy to hear your good results..i want to get it done too..so how was your trip? how long did you stay there for? please go on skype..so we can talk again??

    Ray your bro..
  12. Worries, i am on skype waiting for you to come online...

    your bro...
  13. Hi bro my Skype is having some problem I can't log in maybe we can chat in emails : livelyrene@gmail.com
  14. Want2bepretteh,

    Do you have B&A pictures of your cousin? My email is hoamy.me@gmail.com. I'm interested in doing mandible reduction surgery so any referrals or advice will be great! Thanks!
  15. Can you send me your before&after pics my email is m4uem5@yahoo.com thanks