Looking for gold flap

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just saw this pic that Chanelboy had previously posted and I was wondering if anyone has seen it anywhere recently???? :heart: So pretty, I would love to find one!

    And does it come in different sizes? I think I would like the smaller one maybe.

    Gold Flap.JPG
  2. saw it today, it is almost a bronzey gold and the leather is very textured, almost a sueded/sanded feel with a very rough surface, very cool! It only came in this color in this size bag....it is a bit more of a dressy/event bag...

    they had it at Saks in Phoenix, 602-955-8000 x.5354 SA is Maddy.
  3. i saw it at the chanel 57th Street NYC boutique. call brandon at 212 355 5050! good luck.