Looking for gold clutch for holidays - recommendations?



Hi all, I'm trying to find a clutch to use over the holidays, preferably in gold metallic leather or a metallic suede. I'd like it to be big enough to hold a lipstick, cell phone, keys, and a few cards or a slim wallet and not look like it's bulging. Price range is negotiable depending on how much I like the clutch, but I would like it to be real leather definitely. I don't really want to break the bank, though, because I won't be using it much. Maybe under $200? Well under is ok too!:tup: Thank you!


Jun 18, 2007
Coach has one that's really cute. I was just looking at it today. It's called the Madison Framed Wristlet, comes in metallic gold or silver leather and it costs around $150.



Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
I have two Avignon woven leather clutches from Bloomingdales, one in pewter and one in gold. I think they are beautifully unique as far as clutches go. They retail for $250 (I think) but Bloomies has been having them on sale for a while for about about half off. They are fairy roomy and can fit keys, a cell, makeup pouch, wallet, and a few odds and ends.



May 17, 2007
The Pie Hole
I can't buy anything any more, so now I'm enabling. Some suggestions:

Kenneth Cole Reaction - $81.95

Steve Madden Oversized clutch - $138.95

Lauren Merkin Eve - $180

Lorelei Isa clutch - On sale for $200

Tano Sealed with a Kiss - $125

My favorite one is the Lauren Merkin.


Wow, amazing choices already!! Claire, great suggestion, I actually used to have that very clutch in burgundy leather, but it is a little bit small unfortunately for me. I do love the wrist strap though. Those Avignon clutches are gorgeous, I rushed to bloomingdales.com to try to find one, but alas, sold out! And mockinglee, I like the Lauren Merkin one the best too, though that Lorelai one is also very nice. I couldn't find a Lauren Merkin clutch in gold, thanks for tracking it down!

Hmm, I think the Lauren Merkin clutch is my fav at this point, but I'm open to more suggestions!