looking for glitter eye pencil

  1. currently looking for some long lasting funcky colour glitter eye pencil to line my lower lash line ... looking for nice pink, lilac, gold that sort of colour...

    any suggestion?? currently using NARS (very expensive) and Skinfood (a korean brand, cheap and good but only limited colours available)
  2. I was just about to recommend NARS but I see you're already using that! Hard Candy makes some and I think maybe Urban Decay does to.
  3. Urban Decay just came out with a new mini pack of pencils in different colors..all glittery and beautiful!
  4. Urban Decay!
  5. pop beauty $8
  6. Sephora's own line actually makes some nice ones. If you want something very glittery, Sisley carries a brown liner with gold glitter (a little too glittery for me but something you might like).
  7. i know MAC makes some glittery ones, but i don't know what colors.
  8. I really like Victoria's Secret "Put a sparkle in my eye" liners. They were on sale for $4 (!!) during the last semi-annual sale. I'm not sure if they're still available but it may be worth a try :yes:
  9. I agree with beauty*obsessed and MissD.

    I love Pop beauty. You can get it at Ulta if you have one nearby. The only thing about the Pop pencils is that they're big; it's not a thin pencil. I have the silver one with silver glitter and I use sometimes it to line the bottom of my eyes and inner corner. I always get lots of compliments on it.
  10. I have one in black from LORAC. It's really full of glitter. I got it in black.

    You can get it at www.sephora.com. It comes in several colors:

    blue, black, brown, and pink.
  11. Darn I was going to recommend NARS area too.
  12. I have two MAC eyeliners with glitter, a black one and a dark green one. They have the perfect balance of color to glitter, but I'd only wear them at night!