Looking for Givenchy Nightingale in black leather


Jul 25, 2010
Hello everyone

I've been yearning after one of these for such a long time and seeing as you're all the handbag experts I thought you would be good people to ask!
I've checked the givenchy website for their new collections etc and the only ones they seem to be releasing of these are coloured versions - so I think the one I want is from an older collection - so probably way harder to get hold of. The one I want is a matte black leather in preferrably the medium not large size. Patent would be ok too - I basically want the one Nicole Richie always used to wear and Ashley Olsen - but I think hers was large.

Does anyone know where I might be able to get hold of one of these? I'm in the UK so can't visit any US stores - sadly.

Ty all for your help. x
Mar 28, 2010
Are you able to buy online, even if it is an international transaction? If so then there are a few stockists of the Givenchy nightingale, unfortunately the place that seems to carry the most is Barneys (but they don't ship outside of the US)
There are a couple of places like Luisviaroma, Harvey nichols, Lindestore, Farfetch, Selfridges, etc that stock it...

Selfridges right now has a few GORGEOUS black nightingales :biggrin: