Looking for Giuseppe Zanotti motorcycle boots 2009

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  1. Any ideas?

    I've goggled these to death - they're the ones that are short/black/w crystal heel. I think they are fall 2009 season.

    Zappos and I think Neiman's has the tall version maybe Zappos a different short version but sold out or not in my size 36.5.
  2. hi! try calling the Giuseppe Zanotti store in Boston. Here is the number: 617 262 4100

    tell them Hrisoula mentioned them :smile: good luck! they have the 09 styles on sale right now for 50% off
  3. OMG ur a sweetheart I will call first thing tomorrow thank you! :flowers:
  4. :heart: I really hope they have them!! I saw about 10 or so boots on sale...*crossing fingers!*
  5. Here's the scoop...called Boston and they had a 38 :sad: but 60% off :biggrin:.

    Then tried NY and they had a 37 :yahoo:1/2 size big but no biggie and they price matched Boston!!!! They only had 2 prs left mine and a size 5.

    So if anyone wants the last pair of 5's on the planet call Jack at NY store 212/650-0455 or Boston for an 8. He was a doll! No tax and $20 ship!!!!

    He said they had to place 3 orders from NY alone to satisfy demand.

    Oh and tried both Miami and Las Vegas too. Neither had anything.

  6. yay!!! so happy you got them :yahoo:

    I've had nothing but great experiences with GZ stores; it makes it hard for me to shop anywhere else!
  7. ^Hey would u know about the "staying" power of the swarovski crystals? Jack assured me that if any fall off they would replace them he even said the boots have some on the bottom :amazed:.

    I can see them just popping off all over the place, oh well this is fashion, and impracticality we're dealing with anyway :biggrin:

    BTW these r the most expensive shoes I've ever bought and they were 60% off....hope they r unbelievable. How do u fashionista's do it? I think I will have them for a looooong time.
  8. GZ is really awesome about anything that may happen. They are amazing to work with - don't worry, you'll be fine. I still have every GZ I've ever bought. They're one of the few companies who make everything in one factory in Italy, so if a heel breaks or something, they can replace it. But that won't happen...I've never had a problem with any of my Giuseppe's (main reason I'm such a huge fan!)

  9. how is the sizing? is it tts? thanks!

  10. yes, very TTS
  11. I have a pair of their swarovski encrusted sandals and I love them!!! BUT, a LOT of the crystals have fallen out :sad:

    Even though I've had them for years (and probably don't have the receipt anymore), do you think they'd still replace them?
  12. so sad :sad: but, if you're near a store it couldn't hurt to ask?
  13. Just wanted to update - got these boots a few days ago and I'm in :love:!

    OMG, superior craftsmanship and detail on these. Extremely comfortable and the fit is perfect. Those Italians sure know what they're doing.

    I can see being all OCD about the crystals on the heel though. They're so amazing I almost don't want to wear them :P.

    This is a bad sign for my wallet.
  14. yay!!! :yahoo: so happy you like them!!

    isn't Giuseppe amazing? That's why I fell in love with his shoes - the work, the detail, everything is *perfectly* sewn on and put together.

    congrats & enjoy!!