Looking for genuine Jade, Onyx Beads

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  1. I have a Bracelet which has genuine Beads on them, which was gifted by my granny. I want to add more of genuine bead bracelets, so as to give stacked effect. Any idea where can I find genuine beads online or instore?
    If there is a thread existing on this topic, please sirect me there and delete this one.:biggrin:
  2. I bought a bunch of strands when I was in Chinatown, San Fran and made my own.

    You can also get them on ebay.
  3. I think you could probably find ready made bracelets on Etsy or even Ebay.

    For loose beads, try Firemountaingems.com. You really have to read each description for quality. They range from crap to very nice.
  4. I have purchased beautiful jade bracelets from Jade by Nikolai - she's located in Hawaii but does have a website I believe.
  5. If you wanted to make it yourself firemountaingems.com is a popular place for gemstone beads.
  6. Thank you all...I would appreciate if more options come my way. Prayer bead sites etc.