Looking for gently used Mezzo..help???

  1. I know there are not to be any private sales here, just looking for advice on other sites selling LV....
    I'm looking for a gently used Cabas Mezzo, is there any other place except eBay to look for one????? I hesitate to buy one from there not knowing the authenticity (even tho I've sold on there....I know I can trust me!!! $1,030 is out of budget range right now!
    Any advice?
  2. let-trade.com you can check them
  3. let-trade or craigslist.
  4. I agree, keep checking let-trade. I just bought my first used bag from them and they were awesome to deal with and the bag is great.
  5. Let-Trade
  6. i love let trade. although anns fabulous finds and karen kooper (up for debate, i know) and 2nd hand handbags are good to check in on.
  7. timeless_lv on eBay is the BEST!!! I have purchased three or four items from them, and they offer absolutely authentic, pre-loved LV in great condition. Prices are very reasonable, overnight shipping via FedEx, and their customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend them - I just purchased a beautiful Cabas Mezzo from them about a month ago, and couldn't be happier! Good luck in your search!

  8. another vote for let-trade, also my poupette has a service (auction site) that sells bags, I am not sure of the name, can anybody help with that? TIA
  9. The MyPoupette site is www.imagechic.com and they have a large selection of authentic LV!
  10. There is one for sale on let trade right now for $699.99 if you're interested!