Looking for Gallery Tote Info....

  1. Anyone out there have a item code and price for this gallery tote? I didn't care for patchwork before, but this is very, very pretty! Thanks!
  2. If no one posts before I get home, i will try to remember to post it - sometime after 1 AM or so...
  3. That is the new gallery tote, right? It is very pretty. Did they send out a new catalog?
  4. i've seen it in person as well as cataloge (that is my pic :smile:)

    it's beautiful. and i wasn't that huge of a fan of last year's patchwork either.

    it's 10437 and its priced at 398.

    too bad you don't live near me =/ otherwise i could show you, but it'll be in stores this friday. so look for it then!
  5. i like this patchwork :smile:
    i think it might be the bit of pink that is selling me...hehe.
  6. Thanks! Don't worry....I'll be the stores tomorrow myself! Can't wait for this and the jewelry!
  7. Me too! The colors and textures look so nice - all the leather they are using now on the legacy bags.
  8. That is really pretty!