Looking for Fob's

  1. I really want this charm...Coach Sunflower Keychain 92006. Already looked on E-bay anyone have any other suggestions on where I might find this lovely?:crybaby:
  2. ((YUP)) that is she!!! Yeah I saw one on a Chinese website and honestly pondered it for a moment, even with its ALL FAKENESS.:noggin:..then I came to my senses!! LOL
  3. This might be a stretch, but have you tried Coach's 1-888 number?

    Also try looking on Craigslist..DH recently found my skull charm there for $15!
  4. MY GOD!
    Did he snatch it up?
  5. Yeah, baby! Got it about a month ago. It's hanging on my black Carly! It's mine, all mine!!! :graucho:
  6. ((((WHAT)))))) :wtf: OMGosh I am soooo jealous! :hysteric:I called 888 they no have it; had the SA look in the computer at the store, no find it!!!! Just called Coach and the Leesburg Outlet...they aint got it!!! Why oh WHY didnt I get it when I 1st saw it! UMMMMMMM I am happy someone has the SUN everyday, all year around... on their purse:crybaby: just wish is was me! LOL!! :cry: sniff
  7. OOPS yall are talking about the Skull! WHEW!! LOL
  8. Yeah - don't worry, it's the skull I got, not the sun. I'd never seen the sun until you just posted it! Hope you find it, and i'll keep on the lookout for you. :search:
  9. Oh that's really cute, I'll keep on the lookout too!
  10. Keep checking eBay... they show up occasionally - not often but not rarely either.

    And search for sun - not sunflower. Or you can search for the sun* but then you have to do the -sunglasses -sunglass -glass -glasses part of it, too. :p
  11. wow that sunflower is really cute .. good luck in your search
  12. EVERYTHING that seller is listing is a nasty fake!