Looking for flat, semi slouchy, (leather) boots-- Suggestions?

  1. I'm looking for a pair of comfortable, flat boots, preferably under $300. Does anyone have a pair they'd like to suggest.

    They don't have to be leather, but I think that's what I want
  2. I just recently bought a pair of Dior slouchy boots...they have a heel, but they come in flats too. I paid 460 but Neimans is having their final sale now so you might be able to find them cheaper.
  3. thanks! im gonna go check out NM
  4. i've been looking for something similar myself, for a nice brown flat boot. i've tried these on IRL and i love them: shopdv.com, tropez-2 boot. they're $220, but if you google them, you'll find a few sites have them on sale between $125-$150 in the black, gray, or blue.
  5. oooh i'll checlk thsoe out too

    i couldnt find the diors
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