Looking for first Speedy...your opinions please!

  1. Hi guys, I've recently become interested in LV and I was looking at the Speedy collection but I'm not sure which size to get. I don't want something super huge, but I don't know if the 25 is too small. I want it to be able to carry my wallet, keys, a book, and any other small miscellaneous items that you usually carry to work.
    What are your suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  2. Well I'd go to the store and try your items in the bag and go from there.
    But honestly, the 25 fits a LOT. I think you'd be able to get away with using that one.
  3. Hi there and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
    I like my speedy 30 because I feel it suits my frame better (I am 5'8") + I carry lots of stuff.
  4. You'd be amazed at what a speedy 25 will hold.:nuts: Depending on body frame and height you might want a 30, check out the visual aid thread you'll see a lot of speedies there. Its a bag/shape you're not used to and will think its big at first but it grows on you fast. Soon you will be going omg I should have gotten a 30.

    Good luck with your choice.
  5. I agree...the speedy 30 is such a great size! It may seem huge at first but you will get used to it very quickly and the 25 will seem so tiny compared to the 30. Plus a thrity can hold soooo much stuff!! I suggest looking at the visual aides thread or going to an LV boutique and try em both on...then you have a better idea of what suits you!
  6. agreed, 25 is a GREAT size. when i first bought it, it looks small, but it fills up a lot. it can fits a LOT of thing
  7. this exact thing fit in my cherry speedy 25:nuts: ! plus little more ---- i have lots of room left in my MC speedy 30, but it does get pretty heavy.
    that's the thing about mono canvas....super light weight!! :heart:
  8. It's best just to go to LV and try both size. I have the 30 and really like it, I'm 5'.
  9. i am short so for me the 25 is the better size... but you really need to try it out yourself to really know...

    and the 25 fits A LOT... on any given day... i will carry...
    a wallet
    a small date book
    a digital camera
    an ipod
    car key/house keys
    a coin purse for little stuff
    a cell phone

    and last friday, i was also pleasantly surprise to find out that i can also fit in, on top of all that i just listed, FOUR dvd cases with room to spare... so i think you'll be fine!
  10. here's what i carry in my Damier Speedy 25. you can see how i arrange everything inside along with the Medium Purseket.

    the pictures show a view from the top, and a view taken from each side of the bag. i'm sorry if it's difficult to see; it's hard to take a picture of the inside without pulling the bag apart [​IMG]. and then you can see everything that i put in the bag: medium agenda, pencil case, wallet and iPod in the bag; powder, facial blotters, lip gloss, eyeliner, cell phone and keys in the Purseket. i know the pictures are awful; it's horrible taking pictures at night[​IMG]

    i hope they help. i carry my entire life with me, so if you carry any less then you should be fine with the 25.
    damier speedy 25 001.jpg damier speedy 25 002.jpg damier speedy 25 003.jpg damier speedy 25 006.jpg damier speedy 25 007.jpg
  11. ITA!! The speedy 25 holds a ton 'o stuff; it doesn't seem like it!
    I'm 5'4" and honestly the 25 was one of the first larger bags I bought. Yeah, it's not THAT big but I was used to smaller so I think it's a good one to start with . Check out the visual aids thread as was suggested earlier and see what you think! And definitely try them both on if you can. Honestly, you can go wrong with either!! :supacool:
  12. oh, and here's how my Mono and Damier Speedy 25 look on me. i'm only 5'4", by the way
    damier speedy 002.jpg speedy 002.jpg
  13. I love how you hang the black speedy inclusion keychain on your damier speedy. :tender:
  14. thanks :love:. i hang the beige one on my Mono Speedy:cutesy:
    speedy twins 2.jpg
  15. Wow. You guys rock! Thanks so much for your advice!
    I'm going to try to go to LV today and try them all on.

    Do you think a 25 looks too small for someone who is 5"8? (and 5"11 with heels? :P )

    Thanks again!