Looking for first CL's...

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  1. Hi, I am a total newbie to CL...i have been reading the threads and seeing all the beautiful shoes and drooling!!! Lol...Im really interested in getting a pair of CL's but i wanna get a pair for under $300...i wanna start out slow and i dont wanna scare off DH!! :wtf: If anyone can pass my way any good deals you have come upon i would appreciate it!! I wear size 8.5 but can wear size 9 in some shoes. Ive looked on eBay but the shoes are sooo $$ on there! BTW you girls have some awesome taste and have made me obsessed w/CL's!!! :heart:
  2. Truly, I think that you can find plenty of good deals on eBay these deals considering that most boutiques/department stores just finished their sales and many people on eBay are selling off their discounted shoe finds.
    The one thing that I will caution you on is sizing, as you probably already know sizing on CLs is very erratic so be sure to know the size you will need in each style before bidding.
  3. To be totally honest....i've never even tried on a pair..:wtf::shame:

    I really need to get to a Saks store and try a few styles on...im just so in love all of your collections..i dont even know where to start.:push:
  4. Definitely go to a Saks and try on some pairs. That will give you an idea of what size you are in various styles. Simple pumps are a great basic, but they don't go on sale much (except some of the exotics like the python). The very prive and numero prive are also great basics and are very comfortable even in the higher heel. I just got a pair of very prive's on sale a couple of weeks ago.

    There are some sale CL's at still Barney.com, NM.com and (I think) at Sak.com. You also might checking with a Saks SA to see what sale shoes they can see in the system. People do return shoes and sometimes you can score a pair in your size that just turned up. Good luck :okay: