Looking for feedback, NeoNoe choices /pics

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  1. It’s funny because I didn’t like the DE just by itself but it looks amazing on you!!!!!!! I vote the DE/cherry :smile:
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  2. Normally I would go for mono, however the DE cb looks much better on you! Go for it!
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  3. Ébène, hands down.
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  4. cherry.
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  5. Also going to have to say the DE!
  6. I just received mine in mono/noir last week and my vote for you is the DE Cherryberry! Thanks for the mod shots!!
  7. DE Cherry strap pop beautifully and look great on you :smile:
  8. I was torn between those two too but as much as I like the DE, I really like the black strap and drawstring on the monogram. I just really wish they made a noir version on DE too.
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  9. DE/Cherry berry. Looks great!
  10. They are both lovely, I think I would choose based on the canvas you want more, Mono or DE. The trim is a pretty small part of the bag, you could change the look of either by putting a different strap on it (especially if you don't care for the strap it comes with anyway).
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  11. Normally I like DE more than monogram and a few month ago I wished LV would make the neonoe in DE. Now they made the bag in damier and I have to say I don`t like it much. Not all bags are looking good in all prints. So - my vote is for monogram/black - even if I am the only one :blush:!
  12. Monogram noir would be my choice but they are equally beautiful bags x
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  13. I say noir monogram .
    In your post you said that you normally go for DE. If that means you have mainly DE?I would pick the monogram for a change.

    I got the pink monogram for that reason myself .

    Good luck picking . You can’t go wrong with either X
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  14. So, I used my PM reverse strap on the mono/noir for crossbody purposes and I really like it! More so than the DE cherry berry. Might be a game changer. Excuse the wet hair and no makeup.

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  15. I think Monogram and DE are just two different bags, like comparing apples to oranges. I used to avoid monogram in general because it seemed too "loud." But this one with black accents looks so classy, sexy, and sophisticated. Somehow the black accents make it less "loud." It gets attention without asking for attention. As for DE, like another member said, I love DE but not on this particular bag. I expect to be able to wear more with the monogram noir rather than the DE cherry. And yes, that PM strap takes the bag to another level. I was thinking about adding a monogram/noir bandouliere strap, and now I know that's the right move along with a black shorter top handle. Thanks for the pics. I'm really excited now.
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