Looking for feedback, NeoNoe choices /pics

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  1. Hi! Which should I keep?? Seriously can’t decide. Normally choose DE but I like noir/mono. Thanks for your input!

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  2. Mono v Cherry Berry

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  3. I love the cherry color on you more! No doubt.
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  4. There is something special about the DE cherry combination on you
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  5. De cherry. Just got one myself :smile: I think the color looks nice on you.
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  6. Thank you All! I’m leaning towards the DE myself..that cherry berry is just lovely
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  7. The DE Cherry Berry looks great on you! I tried it on yesterday, the shoulder strap is soft and comfortable and the color of the microfiber lining is also gorgeous!
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  8. Thank you! I’m not sure I agree on the shoulder strap...found it quite uncomfortable until I adjusted the bag more to the front. But...small price to pay I suppose
  9. It’s funny you started this thread, I am trying to decide between the two myself. But there is something about the cherry berry that is just so lovely. Good luck deciding :smile:
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  10. Omg I know! Seriously it’s beautiful. But I really like the mono/noir however it is so understated next to the DE
  11. I like the cherry with the damier
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  12. Another vote for the DE on you!! Looks gorgeous!
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  13. Both look fabulous on you but I vote for the DE cherry.
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  14. love the DE/Cherry!
  15. In the photos you posted, I like de more.

    If you live somewhere with four seasons, consider if the cherry works for you year round. If it doesn't, would you be ok with that? Personally, I wouldn't like the muted red/burgundy for spring and summer, since I wear pastels and bright colors. Black is a staple where I live. When fall/winter rolls around, I kick myself for getting mono pink instead of black.
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