Looking for Fall 07 Black Reissue 225 or 226 G/H

  1. Hiya!

    I read some posts that say that there actually is a black reissue with gold hardware! Exactly what I've been scouring the EARTH for!

    Could you help point me out to boutiques that have it in stock. I'm in Singapore, and they are most probably selling it at Chanel at about the US retail price of $2350. And that's if they get any in the first place!

    So I'll call up to order if you TPF members spot any!

    Thanks much!:yes:
  2. I saw 226 on display yesterday at Costa Mesa boutique. They also have 224 in light silver, dark silver and metallic black.
  3. Thanks for the info Katie! I will try calling them when they open for business today. :yes:
  4. Good luck - such a hot bag!!!
  5. Indeed! I must've just missed the boat by a bit. Was in London last month and the SA at Chanel said there were no reissues with gold hardware anymore.

    I'm also going to try calling up Paris Chanel boutiques to see if they'll ship one to me. Haven't read of anyone on TPF buying one over the phone through Paris though. Is it something that they do not do as a rule?
  6. ispy here's the chanel sku:
    07A reissue w/gold hardware/ size 226
    Retail for $2,350
    94305 (black)

    I own it and is one of my favorite ones:heart:
    Good luck in your search!
  7. try call yoshiko at South coast plaza boutique. she probably can track one down for you. its pretty hard to find , but you probably can get one. never knows.. good luck!
  8. I just woke up at 6am my time to call South Coast Plaza! Talk about die-hard bag fan! It's Sunday morning too! :p

    Thanks for the code Thegraceful1! It was useful on the phone cos she could tell me if what she had was the bag I was looking for. :smile:

    So it turns out at the one in the boutique is on hold till the end of today. She says she'll call me on Monday to sell it to me if the person decides to cancel. Fingers and toes all crossed now!:sweatdrop:
  9. Call Chanel 57th St. NYC boutique -- 212.355.5050. They have one last piece. I'd recommend Brendan (a great SA) there but he's off until Monday.
  10. Cheers Foxy...that works...I'll call Brendan up if the South Coast Plaza lady doesn't have a bag for me on Monday.

  11. thanks minnie04...I called up South Coast Plaza and spoke to the lady who picked up the phone...she was lovely too...happens that we share the same first name...Marie! :p
  12. Thank you all you TPF lovelies and enablers! I got the bag from Costa Mesa!:yahoo:
  13. Congrats. You will love it. It is gorgeous.
  14. CONGRATULATIONS. ;):tup::wlae:
  15. Congrats! Remember to post pics when u got it