looking for evening purse for black tie event!

  1. Hi Chanel lovers,

    I am looking for a evening purse for a black tie event in October and the first thing I can think of is Chanel.
    Any one can give me a suggestion? THis is my first time going to a black tie event and really need some help here!!

    I haven't decide on the dress yet, any suggestion is welcome!!

    THank you
  2. What about the Timeless Classic Clutch?
    You can get it in satin, caviar, lamb or python.
    Here's mine in black caviar:
    IMG_1945.jpg IMG_1949.jpg
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  3. I like the Chanel Kelly myself..... it's classic.
  4. my NM had one tonight!
  5. I think the Timeless Classic clutch is perfect!
  6. I vote for the Timeless clutch too!
  7. Hi swanky, does the clutch come with gold or silver HW, I am confused...
  8. I believe it only comes in silver right now unless you get the one w/ the CC's all over it.
  9. Thanks..

  10. Timeless clutch!
  11. I have the timeless in black and white...its fabulous! you can't go wrong with it,
  12. if you would like a shoulder bag instead of a clutch, try the medium or mini classic flap in say black with gold hw.
  13. I have a little Chanel that is velvet on one side and satin on the other. I love it. Perfect for black tie.
    Picture%20004 (4).JPG