Looking for Envelope Clutch

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone has seen this bag in any store. I love the giant silver hardware. I know that BalNY has it in black, but I was looking for a different color.
    THANKS for any information from anyone! :yes:
  2. Neiman Marcus sf has the following envelope clutches:
    mastic, pine, black (all with GGH)
  3. Thanks for the info on Neimans. I'm really looking for the PINE color with giant silver hardware. If anyone has any sightings, please let me know. I've called all Barneys with no luck.
  4. jlitton, i have seen the tomato at the Barneys bh. i'm sorry that you called all barneys and no luck. why would they put it in their catalog and not stock it? did they give you a date of when they would get them in?
  5. I actually talked with a sales associate at Barneys in Dallas and she thought they would be coming in soon, so she took my name and number. Hopefully it will come in! Thanks for your help!:yes:
  6. don't know if you are still looking
    hirshleifters in ny 516-627-3566 has pine with GSH