Looking for Ebano Woven Ballet Flats.....

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  1. Does anyone know if the Ebano Ballet Flats are on sale anywhere? Or they actually never go on sale? Bergdorf has them on line but only in black. Neiman doesn't even have BV shoes, called already. Saks.....the same. BV stores offer no discount. I have been away most of the time this month and I guess I'm too late to grab sale items now, especially after the biggest day on the 26th. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I believe Bob Ellis has them. Give them a try. I know I tried to find the ferro woven flats there but they didn't carry ferro but had some other colors. They have certain things on sale. Good luck!
  3. i saw an ebano one in Harrods London today. it was 130pounds i think. But there was only one in size 38. =) Not sure if that helps.
  4. Thank you, thank you, for the info. I just checked. Bob Ellis did not have any BV shoes left. I was hoping that those from Harrods will do, but I need 38.5 at least. Sigh..... Will keep looking for them.
  5. dolphingirl, the ballet flats from fall/winter do run a bit large. I normally wear a 36, but had to go down to a 35.5, and they do stretch a little bit with wear. Don't count out those size 38 ones!
  6. Appreciated, OB. I took your suggestion and called Harrods but they would not answer any phone inquiry due to sale event. All the SAs are too busy. I think ordering within US will be a lot easier. I will try other places.