Looking for EB RH Work

  1. has anyone seen an EB RH Work anywhere (that ships internationally)?
    - AR doesn't have them in yet.
    - HK Bal is not bringing in RH Work it seems - the SAs are useless when it comes to stock info.
    - Bal Paris on last check has sold out.
    - Barneys doesn't seem to ship overseas.

    please help someone! pretty please

  2. Does Barneys have an RH Work in?
  3. I didn't check Barneys at all since I read from the website they don't ship overseas. There are some threads on Barneys NY / LV stocks. You could take a look there.
  4. Cult Status, Australia have one

    Just recieved a pic of it now...
  5. thanks fashion-cult! too bad it is way over retail... i'll have to look around for alternatives
  6. i'm pretty sure balsin is bringing them in..
  7. Hi there! my sister went to bal paris last saturday, 2 days ago, to buy my eb rh city and they had a eb rh work, maybe you can call again? ask for Natalie, shes a doll!!!:tup:
  8. Yes, it's in already in BalSin!! Had a look IRL of the color today and it's beautiful!! If interested, pls call +65 67338270, look for Noreen.
  9. I also have Noreen's email address if you need. I also have Dede's mobile number if you want to leave a quick SMS. But I guess this option is out since their prices are similar to Cult Status AUS.

    BTW IIRC I saw a gorgeous SGH EB Work on eBay today!
  10. thanks lovelv i'll call and check later today.

    pluiee, nada, pink thanks for the heads up. i've limited funds and am not willing to spend way over retail. i hope it'll show up in AR soon!
  11. J, I'd just wait till AR gets them in. No point paying way over retail when it's still in production! Plus it means you get to save up for longer...
  12. ^ yeah best for my bank account :yes:
    esp when i have a VG first coming
    so many wants so little funds!
  13. ^ hehe you sure are completing your wishlist quickly!! But I'm not one to talk, I've almost finished my wishlist too! I see you like blues and greens alot, all this talk about VD has me wanting this colour in a Work hehe.. but I am resisting!

    P/s Definitely consider getting a Day, I'm a day convert, so comfy!!! Much easier to wear than my other bags...
  14. ^ i saw VD IRL on a RH PT and it was divine! if only I liked a PT (a tad too long for me)...

    congrats on the tomato beauty!