Looking for EB GSH City

  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of one? Aloharag is not restocking.:cursing:Thanks much
  2. I hand picked a gorgeous one for a friend who is returning it to Barneys ny.

    may have arrived back today? Sa for it was Alex I believe.
  3. Ack.
    I WANT IT.:wtf:
  4. Hi Shamrock0421, go for it. All the best. I can get it as Barneys doesn't ship it to my country:crybaby:
  5. It really was nice. Nice puffy bubbly leather front and back. Nice rich cobalt blue. Really nice.

    Had I wanted a GSH city, it would have been mine already.
  6. i think you can call balenciaga new york
  7. Ack.
    I've done enough damage in this past week!
  8. Thanks but BalNY's my last option. The shipping is 50USD and I've got to pay tax:cursing: for the purchase.
  9. What about Bal Hong Kong?
  10. Bal HK has sold out of eb gsh city... and i think bal ny shipping is actually usd 70
  11. Try Saks naples, boca raton or palm desert. The other day when I called they had it.
  12. i saw one today at Barneys NY...all them quick.

  13. which one? the barneysny in ny?? im lookin for the EB or FB in GGH
  14. Barneys don't send their Bal bags to Singapore.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  15. Thanks for the tip. It's sold out. They only have EB in RH:sad: