Looking for earrings just like these...

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  1. Did you do a search on ebay (especially in Stores) for CZ Leverback earrings?
  2. No, I'm not very ebay literate. I'll give it a try, though.
  3. Hey check qvc.com they have gold ones similar but the Asscher cut.
  4. That is great!! They are very nice. The Limited and places like that usually carry earrings like that. You might want to check there the next time you are at the mall. They are very pretty and classy! :smile:
  5. oops, I clicked it too many times....
  6. Your welcome. I have a few things I've brought from QVC and they last.
  7. You could always try a place like Ann Taylor...someone who sells classics
  8. Thanks, did check Ann Taylor. They only have studs with silver hardware available right now.