Looking for dupes for Tiffany 18k yg beads bracelets?

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  1. Hi all -

    I would like to find a good quality yellow (or pink) gold beaded bracelet with 4 - 6mm beads similar to the Tiffany ones pictured here:



    I don't mind paying the Tiffany premium, but if I could find something in an excellent quality unbranded item I would be just fine with that, too. I would want 18k gold, however.

    I have been looking online for similar items, thinking that this would be a fairly common design, but surprisingly haven't really come across anything similar. Can anyone direct me? Any feedback or advice would be most appreciated!

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. I will be watching this. I went on a huge internet search for this exact bracelet and had no luck. I did get custom quotes but wasn't happy enough with the reduction. Rather just get the tiffany then.
  3. I know - you would think that this design would be fairly common, wouldn't you? Hopefully someone will chime in with some ideas?...
  4. This won't be an exact polished ball from tiffany, but I personally find it aesthetically more pleasing and unique. The balls have character than just a standard polished shine, some have the sparkly effect and some have the shimmer. it's by carolina bucci

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  5. Though its not 18k gold, here is a cheap alternative: Michael kors bead stretch bracelet. The bead size is in between the small and larger beads at tiffanys. Retails for about $65.

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  6. Oh wow - I just perused her website and I really love some of her stuff. Thank you for much for the recommendation!