Looking for discontinued MAC?

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  1. I was wondering the same thing myself. They have a lot of my discontinued favorites. It might be worth get a few backups.
  2. I haven't ordered from there, but I sure want to now!!!

    They have some of my all-time faves: Go, Creme de Miel...

    Please report back if anyone takes the plunge! The prices are great - better than on ick-bay, that's for sure.
  3. I heard that theres a lot of fake MAC out there. Are you sure its legit?
  4. Everything I have heard about that site is that it's legit. Many YouTube gurus buy from there, and I have read positive experiences from people on makeup forums.
  5. That sounds good. I need to have a look then :smile:
  6. That's one of the reasons I wanted to know if anyone had purchased from them. They do guarantee authentic items and will accept returns though.

    BTW - What is so special about this lipstick? Other than it is RARE and $40?

    California Dreamin'
  7. I've ordered from them twice and everything's legit. The only downside is that shipping charges are horrendous. Both of my orders had a shipping charge of $9.50 and $13 and both times my stuff was shipped in one of those flat rate USPS priority boxes that costs a little under $5 to ship. I only place an order if I'm ordering a bunch of stuff and the savings GREATLY out weigh the shipping charge. For instance, I bought a bunch of Stila e/s at $6 each and the original is $18. I also got a bunch of UD e/s at about $8-$9 each and the original is $17 and a couple of Clinique l/l for $5. It's not worth getting the MAC e/s refills because she sells them at regular price.
  8. ^^Good to know, thank you :smile:
  9. I need to bookmark this site! They have quite a few MAC shadows I've been looking for.
  10. I've ordered from that website before, and everything I received was authentic. But, like Mommyx2 said, the shipping prices are awful.
  11. They are located about 10 minutes from me, but won't let me order and pick up to save on shipping. I Google mapped them and looked at the satellite view, and it looks like someone who runs the business out of their home. I wish they would let me come over and shop lol!
  12. I wish they carried my discontinued beloved MAC Deliciously Rich lipstick. :sad:
  13. After I saw this I placed an order :P
    I got the Smashbox Halo powder---a deal at $30!
  14. they are 100% legit.