Looking for diamond stitch tote in brown--are there

  1. any out there, or will I have to wait for fall/winter??
  2. I heard from one SA in Vegas that the diamond stitch toe is only coming in black now; no more brown. Can anyone else confirm this?

    I have the small sized one and I love it. One of my absolute favorite bags.
  3. I just ordered one in black (small size) - my SA was saying they can also get it in white and brown.
  4. My NM has one brown one left! Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested! (248) 635-8442~
  5. Ugh..kill Me Now
  6. Jill ~ You MUST get it! No more brown ones!!!!!

    It's the most gorgeous leather and color ~ honestly! I have gotten so many compliments. The hardware is GORGEOUS and made of ruthenium (think platinum).
  7. [​IMG]
  8. ^UGH..STOP tempting me!!!LOL!.do you know how BAD I have been lately!!!??!!!!!!!!
  9. Well, that makes ME feel better! Hopefully you were "badder" than I have been..... :p

    I have a personal talent for enabling other people ~ sorry I just can't stop it!
  10. :heart: :heart: :heart: the Diamond Stitch!
  11. Csn those of you who own or have seen the brown bag please tell me : Is the brown leather in a 'distressed' look, kinda like the black one? I've only seen the white and black ones, and the white leather doesn't appear as distressed as the black.
  12. It's not distressed as in the outdoor line ~ doesn't scratch like that leather.
    Here's a pic of mine:
  13. wow!!!!^loves!!!!
  14. OMG - I love that bag in brown!!

    Leem, I also found an Outdoor Brown bag on eBay last night. I'll try to find the link and forward it to you.

  15. Really?? I'd love to see it. It is so hard to resist these beautiful bags, but I have told myself to wait until fall/winter when there are bound to be some gorgeous things out.