Looking for detailed information on New MAM in "ruby"

  1. I was wondering if the mam in Ruby will be plain or will it have the basketweave as posted in the summer campaign? Does anyone know? :shrugs:
  2. There will be both. I dont know much about the one in the summer campaign other than the fact that it has a removable lining but I know the plain Ruby is a Luna Boston exclusive with limited numbers. I ordered one myself through the manager at LB
  3. GUNG, you have another one to add to your collection!! You are truly amazing! =)

    I'd love to see pictures of it when you get it! :tup:
  4. Thanks girl! Im pretty excited myself! From what I hear, the new Ruby color is a true lipstick red and is much more vibrant than RM's previous red colors
  5. Does anyone know if the Ruby has silver or gold hardware? I can't tell from the LB pictures.
  6. ^I am pretty sure it is gold hardware. Ultimately it doesn't matter too much to me, as I think the Ruby would look beautiful with either gold or silver hardware. Which color hardware are you hoping comes on the bag?
  7. any idea how this red compares to the tomato and wine?
  8. Tomato has a warm brown tone to it. It very much looks like a ripe tomato! The wine is very Bordeaux looking IMO. Its a deep red with burgundy tones. The Ruby, from what I hear, is a true crayon/lipstick red, KWIM?
  9. got it, thanks :smile:...think its similar the the fiamma red of belen echandia?
  10. ^Can't help you there, sorry. Im not familiar with Belen Echandia bags very much at all. Perhaps you could ask Contessa, she would probably know.
  11. Now the leather Jackie uses is different.

    I do know that the Ruby will have a "hint" of pink in it. And it's not orange-y or a blue/red.
  12. thanks...sounds promising (although I tend to prefer blue toned reds)
  13. PINK!:hysteric: Are you serious! I didnt know that. Do you mean like really really pink? If that is the case, I might have to scratch that idea :sad:
  14. Pink?! But it doesn't look very pink on LB's site.
  15. ^WAIT! You actually can see a picture of the Ruby on LB's site? I would like to see that! The only picture I have seen is rom the RM summer campaign thread