Looking for designer handbags designs which have stood the test of time.


Apr 24, 2017
I am hopeful some of you can help me. I am currently very into handbag styles from the years 1996-2001, and would love to get my hands some new handbags of styles that were available during those years, and that are still available today, if that is even possible.:confused1:

So if any of you could name them, or post links to any handbags, preferably links to departments stores, or the designers official webpages, of handbags that were available during the years of 96-01, and are still available today, you would make me so, so happy.

Thank you.:smile:
Feb 18, 2015
I wouldn't buy any bag based on designer alone. All designers includng LV, Chanel. Dior have made bags that didn't stand the test of time and look very dated now. They also have some classics that have been around for years and will still be around for years to come. I put some classic bags below. All the bags listed were introduced, at least, 10 yrs ago (some much longer ago). I think if a bag has been in production for 10yrs, it has become a classic for that designer. I also listed two hoorable mentions both of which have been around 9yrs so will soon become 'classics' :smile:

LV -- Speedy, Alma, Noe, Neverfull
Chanel -- Classic flap, Reissue
Dior -- Lady Dior
Fendi -- Baguette.
Gucci -- Boston, Jackie
Bottega Veneta -- Intreciatto Hobo
Balenciaga -- City bag
Hermes -- Kelly, Birkin, Constance, Bolide, Evelyne
Mulberry -- Bayswater
Longchamp -- Le Pliage
Prada -- Saffiano Executive Tote
Givenchy -- Nightingale

Honorable Mentions:
Proenza Schouler -- PS1 (9yrs)
Hermes - Jypsiere (9yrs)