Looking for deals on Gustto (Baca or Setela)

  1. dears, i would appreciate any input on which websites have the best deals for a Baca or Setela (in the regular/smaller size)

    i'm looking for the Baca in vintage brown, black or midnight blue, and the Setela in black or midnight blue.

    thanks soo much in advance!!
  2. Hi snowtire, I am also looking for baca in midnight blue, but I haven't found any good deals.. However, if you go to www.revolveclothing.com you can get a 30% off for first time use, and they have the black baca. There's another thread to find a link to get the 30% off from this website. Good luck!
  3. I would check eBay. I recently sold a blue large setela -- I am not touting my auction and am only mentioning because the auction has concluded -- and was constantly checking eBay for rival setela auctions.
  4. There was an earlier post about Gustto. An eBay seller: luckytrends sells Gustto (authentic for sure) and you can contact them: luckytrends05@yahoo.com.
  5. thank you guys. i might take advantage of the 30% off from Revolve. i just wish i could save up fast enough so i can get a bunch of stuff from them at once!

  6. Hey I was checking revoleclothing right now and they have your midnight blue in stock! At least for now!
  7. Actually, the Setela in wine is on Label 350's site as is the black with patent Baca. Through 5/11 they are offering 36% off your order!!! [​IMG]It's listed at $770 and take 36% off of it.
    [​IMG]The Satela is $645 with 36% off. Enjoy! Use the code "save36"!
  8. Since we are discussing Gussto... Has anyone seen the Torrila in white? AE had them but already sold out. I can't figure out who else has them in white.

    Here's a pic of the taupe:
  9. Hey snowtire...you and I do like the very same bags!! The only difference is that I like the bigger ones. Regarding Revolve...I used my 30% discount last month. This week, my husband placed an order from Revolve for Mother's Day, and they gave him a 30% discount code as well. Sooooo...if there is someone else in your family who could put the next order on their credit card, you could use the discount again. I am posting the email received from them..........

    Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, more than one member in the household can receive a new customer discount. Unfortunately the credit card information and email address can not be the same as someone who has already used the code. Thank you for your interest in Revolve Clothing and we look forward to doing business with you soon.

    Customer Service
    Revolve Clothing.com

    I love Revolve. They have the very best customer service.
  10. Hi all i saw a table of Gustto on sale in Nordstrom bellevue WA yesterday, some Setela style, i think they are 30% off, they have black, dark brown and Camel color on sale, called them see if there is any left.
  11. *edit: posted in the wrong thread.
  12. Lninos on Ebay has a Black Baca for 479 BIN. That's where I got my Baca. He's also ordered me a Setela in Tobacco.