Looking for deals and steals

  1. i'm on a mission... i've been dreaming about these bags...

    ... a lv mono speedy 25....
    ... gucci belt bag, beige/brown jacquard fabric and green-red-green web...

    does anyone know of any sales or good discounted stores/websites for these?

    thanks for any help you can give!!!
  2. as far as lv goes, I would suggest eBay or a consignment boutique since lv never goes on sale
    if you really want a new one then i would suggest using ****** on eluxury - you won't pay taxes, most of the time shipping is free and you get like 4-5% cash back...I know it isn't much, but thats probably the cheapest option there is for a new speedy
  3. thank you, madzia! i wasn't sure about lv ever going on sale (i'm big on bargain shopping)... just didn't want to feel like i could have bought it cheaper elsewhere.. but now that i know, i think i'm going with elux... :smile:
    thanks again!!! :smile:
  4. For the Gucci, if you wait till the end of the season, their beltbags goes on sale. (may not be the green/red one tho). Also, sometimes their outlets will have it for 30% off.
  5. For LV, try let-trade.com. Great place to get a speedy on discount!
  6. thanks for the tips sharbear508 and gingerfarm!!!! :smile:
  7. Is Let-trade authentic?
  8. yes.
  9. Thanks so much for hipping me to this site. I'm thinking about getting something from them real soon. :biggrin: