Looking for Day Bag in Anthracite or Black

  1. Hi everyone! I have been looking for the Day Bag in Anthracite and visited the Balenciaga store this weekend only to be told that they don't make that color anymore! xxxxxxx I also love the Day Bag in black with the gold hardware. xxxxxxx Thank you so much in advance girls!

  2. :graucho:Aloha rag maight still have the daybag in anthracite with ggh.
    Call them.
  3. I received email from Aloharag yesterday(10/23) and they do have black day both in RH and GGH. I was looking for mogano day and they didn't have that but they do have black. Call them now!!

    Here is the email they sent me.
    We currently have the following styles/colors available.
    Regular Day ($995)---Black, Tabac, Ivore, Vert Foret, Truffe, Sapin
    Giant Day w/Silver hardware($1245)---Black, Ivore
    Giant Day w/Gold hardware($1245)---Black, Red
    And we’re waiting on the Giant Day w/silver hardware in Rouge to come in.
  4. i think there's a black day on eBay with ggh
  5. I've never heard of Aloha rag before, but the site looks good. I don't see Balenciaga on the list of designers...is it only in house? Thanks again, I appreciate all your help.
  6. I haven't ordered from Aloha Rag myself, but tons of the ladies on here have and love them. They don't list the stock online, and Bal won't allow online sales (I think diabro.net gets around this because they're a reseller rather than a retailer, or something like that.) So, you have to call or e-mail for information. I've called before and they were super-nice about checking stock for me, and I understand that if they have multiple bags in the style/color you want, they are very good about trying to pick one with the type of leather you want, if you explain it to them. They have an order form that they can e-mail you that you have to scan or fax back to them, you can't just order over the phone. I think it's also posted on here somewhere if you search for ordering from Aloha Rag. They were really nice when I called, so I'd encourage you to do the same.
  7. Hi Kimbert, you are so right. They are very nice at Aloha rag and were great about checking stock. Thank you! You know, I'm new to the Balenciaga bag scene, and didn't know much about the leather. Would you mind telling me how the leather varies?