Looking for Cruise and S/S 2008 lookbooks

  1. If you have one sent from your SA and you don't mind sharing it with me, can you send it to me, please? I want to check a few things........:drool:

  2. MIffy, check your mailbox! :graucho:


  3. Hi

    can i see it too? TIA!
  4. :heart: Thanks Emmy!!

    But I was crap...I meant to say "Looking for RTW Cruise and S/S 2008 lookbooks"!!!! :sweatdrop:
  5. i really want to see S/S 2008 Look books.... can i you email me a copy? saemi.murphy@gmail.com thank you thank you thank you !!!!
  6. I just sent you the Look Book. Let me know if you have any problems opening.
  7. I also would like to see the S/S lookbook, so if someone could forward it, let me know and I'll give you an email address. Thanks
  8. hey girls...if any of u have the s/s lookbook..could u pls email to me at tamanna@att.biz? would really appreciate it..thanxx tonnes:smile:
  9. I would like a lookbook also. Let me know if you need my e-mail. TIA.
  10. Too bad, I don't have any lookbooks for the RTW! Hope some other Tpfers can help out then!
  11. Hello
    Could someone forward the lookbook to me? PM me if you need my email address. Many thanks :smile:
  12. hi all,

    if you guys don't mind, can somebody send me the lookbook also. thanks. bhurry@hotmail.com
  13. im new here. interesting. can someone send to me the lookbook as well. thanks. ningphin@yahoo.com
  14. May I have a copy of it too? Here is my email: kl12@sbcglobal.net