Looking for croc alma pic that was in the holiday catalog

  1. I'm looking for the picture of the black croc alma that was in the holiday catalog, If anyone has it please post pics, TIA
  2. heres a pic :smile:
  3. Wowzers that is a gorgeous bag. :drool: Can you imagine that in a brighter color? OMG TDF
  4. Ive seen this somewhere in brown and red, its TDF :smile:
  5. I thought they had some Croc bags at Union Square LV in San Fran........I think i saw an ostrich speedy and a croc speedy/alma.........the ostrich speedy was Red (I think) and was so pretty!!
  6. Thanks Socialite!
  7. Wow! This bag is awesome!!! How about the price? It must be a scary price!!
  8. its $16,000 :wtf: I could get a whole collection for that lol :flowers:
  9. Wow!!!! 16 grand!!!! Guess, I won't be getting this bag.:cry:
  10. OMG that is TDF drool
  11. I almost fell over.. $16K!! I owe less on my car. :p

    It is a beautiful bag though...