Looking for Cristina handbags

  1. Good Evening.

    I am new to this forum and was hoping that some of you purse experts could help me. I am looking for a site or somewhere to find a specific handbag made by a designer 'CRISTINA' made in italy. I don't know the specific name of the purse and I am trying to search for it ... but cannot figure out who Cristina is. It is a zip hobo bag ... where the strap can be adjusted from a long strap to a short strap by string the strap through a silver circle and then hooking it to the other circle. Is anyone familiar with this designer and where I can find her purses. My mom picked it up at either Marshall/TJ Maxx.

    Thank you in advance.
    Amy Lee
  2. I also bought a Cristina hobo style bag from TJMaxx today. I decided I would go online and see who makes these handbags but no luck so far. Anyone can give me a website?
    Thanks, Lyn
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