Looking for coupon codes for Bloomingdales, I need more discounts to afford my habit

  1. :sos:

    I just purchased an 3 handbags this month and my husband is going to have a fit... but Bloomingdales has my handbag on sale :yahoo:, however I need a deeper discount since i have spent all my allowance for this month :cry:.

    I tried all the coupons on retailmenot.com and they don't work. I need to justify my spending...:sweatdrop:

    I need a fix before someone runs off with my handbag.

    Help, please.
  2. Isn't there an additional 40% off event going on for all sale items?
  3. Any free shipping codes???:shrugs:
  4. I looked and looked this afternoon, before I bought my bag. And I couldn't find any.
  5. Have you tried www.retailmenot.com yet? They usually have a bunch of codes listed that are pretty comprehensive.
  6. Yes -- all the codes I tried are expired...

  7. Has anyone tried code FS125 to see if it is still valid?
  8. It didn't work...
  9. place ur order then call customer service right away and talk your way into them applying free shipping- they did that for me :smile:
  10. thanks, I will hold my breath until after christmas. Maybe their too will have a 50% off sale like Saks.

    Maybe my husband will be kind and buy it for me.
  11. The brand of handbag you're trying to buy may be excluded on the coupon list. For the most part, any "brand name" (Marc Jacobs, Coach, Kooba, even stuff like Joe's Jeans) is completely excluded on any special offer codes. It stinks! What brand are you trying to buy?
  12. Zac Posen
  13. I just got a catalog in the mail with a code for 50% off of already reduced prices, and the catalog says it works for online too. Code is WSDEC, expires January 1st.
  14. hmm... I just tried the code and it didn't work. I wonder if it has a "start date" (like after the extra 40% off no longer is automatically deducted)?
  15. There are restrictions, I'm sure. What brand are you trying to buy?