Looking For Cosmetic Case/Wrislet For Spy Any Suggestions

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  1. I am looking for a cosmetic case or a wrislet or something to hold my odds and ends(gum, clippers, pillbox, lipstick etc.) in the Spy. I need something a liitle bit bigger than the connecting case. What do you suggest or use in your bag.
  2. I currently use my blueberry balenciaga toilet bag...it is the perfect size to fit in my Spies...it doesn't get lost in there and holds a ton of stuff!
  3. I too use a Balenciage bag, the Magenta Makeup Clutch. I use it to carry all the loose innards of my bags. It fits perfectly in my Spys as well.

    And it's gorgeous!

    If you're looking for something smaller, the Balenciaga Coin Purse works perfectly as well (also pictured below in the Eggplant color).

  4. By the way I love the purple Deco! Gotta stop looking... ;) Balenciaga is a label I've never gotten into.
  5. A Louis Vuitton Pochette Cosmétique would be good.
  6. Oh, Kav, Balenciaga's like crack. Be glad you can resist them :sweatdrop:

  7. kav I saw that on jomashop and thought it might work. They had a cosmetic case in those colors a few weeks ago but when I went to buy it, it was out of stock now they only have the black logo. But I am loving those balenciagas! They are :okay:
  8. I'm with you on that one Deco!! Although I have been spending more time with my Fendis.....This is a good way to combine my 2 great loves...Balenciaga and Fendi!:drool:
  9. Lol... :roflmfao: who knows. One day I might develop a Balenciaga habit. Hope that day doesn't come yet!! Can't afford it at the moment!
  10. Kav -- I think I'm with you! :tup:

    I just don't get it with Balenciagas...I just recognize that they have an abundance of loyal fans...maybe being Older than Dirt has kept me apart from certain designer bags (thank goodness!). :nuts:

    I have the same problem with Chloe Paddies...although I do love/own the Chloe Betty Bag & some of the Silveradoes...:wtf:

    So is there a Generation Gap when it comes to Designer Handbags...???? The designers definitely target a certain market, so I think so....;)
  11. Alas.... I'm Older than Dirt too :true:. Perhaps immature Dirt :push:

    Of all designer bags there were two brands that I not only didn't get at all, but HATED WITH A BURNING PASSION:cursing:

    Can you guess which ones they were:rolleyes:?

    You got it: Balenciaga Moto bags and Fendi Spy.

    I'd be so much richer if I still hated them :girlsigh:


  12. ^^^OMG!! Deco, your collection of BBags and Fendis is amazing, I just love the way you have displayed them...like wall art! Very creative....If you ever need a lodger...i'll be there in a flash!! :love::love:
  13. DECO - your bags all in a line makes me think that those of us who truly know we have a FETISH relationship with the hand bags...we ought to start a thread showing our "Hand BAG" displaying rooms! I have some in the china cabinet...others on display on coffee tables, and hanging from the ceiling & overhangs in my office...LOL! :roflmfao: DH puts up with a lot I must say...:p
  14. OMG Deco!!!! You have so many bags!!!! I hope you have enough home insurance that will cover them.

    And baglady you are not older than dirt! Lol... Don't worry I don't like the Chloe paddingtons and I'm in my 20's. I've never gotten into Chloe or LV. I'm waiting for my mum to visit so I can get my Birkin but it's not one of those bright happy colours like the blue jean, orange, green etc. It's a dark redy-browny colour which makes it really mature. I feel pretty silly owning a bag like that to be honest. Might wait another 10 years or so before I use it!

    But I do agree that some labels suit certain age groups more. But then again it all comes down to the person and how they carry themselves. Nothing annoys me more than a lady carrying a beautiful designer bag talking at the top of her voice acting, being totally unladylike and acting like a complete bogan. Or someone with a nice bag treating a sales person like absolute crap and being rude. Not that it means that you have to have a nice bag to be nice. If you get what I mean.