looking for cosmetic bag

  1. I am trying to decide what size cosmetic case to get. I've never seen them IRL, but i am thinking of a poche toilette 19. I don't have alot of make up, but I wouldn't want it to be cramped. Any thoughts?
  2. I use the pouch that came with my large bucket years ago (gave the bucket to a friend), but the pouch is great for makeup.
  3. I've had the Monogram Pochette Cosmetique and it is really nice. Fits alot and I think the shape is cute.
  4. you can get the deminisions on elux and then take a ruler and you can figure out the various sizes.
  5. The pouchette cosmetique is good.


  6. My vote is for the Pochette Cosmetique. Nice pictures twinkle.tink!
  7. I like the pochette cosmetique.
  8. All I know is I want your make-up - all that yummy Chanel!
  9. I want the pouchette cosmetique! I'm in love with Prada's hydrating pressed powder, but the compact is freaking HUGE (4.25" x 3"), and that's not including the pink case the plastic compact sits in. I think the dimentions on this bag are bigger than the burberry one I've been using, too.
  10. I was just thinking today how much I really like my Damier Trousse make-up case. It's the perfect size for my stuff, with room to spare.
  11. i have a damier trousse and i love it. i havent used it yet but i put all my stuff in there and it fit. i think i'm going to line it with plastic of some sort though. is that odd? i just know my makeup can get messy....
  12. I have the pouchette cosmetique and I find it useful. The wipable interior is also a huge plus!
  13. I think the Pochette Cosmetique would work perfectly!
  14. I like the damier trousse better than the Pochette Cosmetique. I dont like the way the pochette gets wavy all along the zipper line when you close it if you have one to many items inside. The shape of the trousse fits cosmetics better. IMO
  15. I like the Trousse Make Up bag as well. Definitely not the Toilette 15. It's wayyyyyyy too small.