Looking for Coco Cabas

  1. i'm looking for a white/khaki baby coco cabas .. i want one so badly!!! does anyone know if there are any available? i've called at least a dozen places and everyone's telling me they're sold out. :sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. Try Indra at the Tyson's Galleria Chanel in VA. Her number is 703-847-0555. Tell her Tammy referred you to her. I called her a week or two ago looking for a black one and I thought she said she had the white and bronze/khaki. I'm not for sure, though, since I wasn't looking for those colors.
  3. Call Lisa Hamlin at Neiman Marcus in MI (800)937-6488. She just asked me if I wanted a bronze/kakhi baby cabas this morning. I wanted the white baby and it was her last white, but I got the impression that she had access to the bronze. :s Let us know if you have any luck...
  4. tammy, i called indra and she called me back and told me she has a khaki that is on wait until tomorrow, but if she doesn't sell that then i'm next!!

    kittens .. congrats on the white cabas! i'm sooo green with envy. i did call lisa, though, and she has a khaki. but again, it's on wait but only til 6pm tonight.. cross your fingers!

    thanks for all your help i LOVE tpf!!!!