Looking for Coco Cabas in Black Vinyl

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  1. Would anybody have any ideas on where to find one?

    Thank you in anticipation !!!!!!!!
  2. Honestly I think ebay would be your best bet, just make sure you get our girls to authenticate it for you . They have been sold out for a while now . good luck
  3. OK, Thank you for your help. How will the girls be able to authenticate it though ?

  4. There is an entire thread for authentications. A few of the girls here are experts and have taken a lot of time and effort to learn about the bags and all their specifics. They will make sure they have enough pictures to make a call on authenticity. If they don't know, they will tell you so, or if they need more pictures, they will also have you ask the seller for more. They are truly gems and very appreciated in this forum! They've saved a lot of us from getting swindled! :yes:
  5. I got a Coco Cabas in vinyl...possibly today... I called one store who said they had gotten 8 smaller ones and just 1 large one .... I have a hold on both sizes... so IM and I will give you the info. this evenning... when I get the bag...if it really is the coco cabas in vinyl... the SA was not to familar with the line.....:yahoo:
  6. I highly doubt that it will be.
  7. Just saw your reply, thank you very much. Is this from a Chanel Boutique, and what do you suggest I do.

    In anticipation, thank you

  8. Bloomingdales received 8 Coco Cabas in Vinyl, they had they did not know they even had the shipment... they are all sold... The Bloomingdales in Costa Mesa just opened the 1st week of May and they had the inventory set aside for months, thats why they had them... all were sold out.....:crybaby: as of last week, sorry ladies...
  9. mskitty

    So there will not be anymore available? :crybaby:
  10. I was told by Leana that they are going through all their inventory and official no more, but they came across the vinyl a week after they open from their wherehouse...so she said she will call me...give her a call. so she can obtain your contact info incase they find more..she is the only person I dealt with that actually knows what bag is which in that department. Stephanie in Fendi is also nice...I will keep you posted....
  11. Who am I meant to call? Would you mind to let me now a name and number as I am in the UK. Many thanks,
  12. SA at Chanel Soho said that vinyl coco cabas will be available in the fall. There will be three sizes and there will be a different name for the bag (no longer called coco cabas).
  13. does it still look the same but with a different name?
  14. There will be a new bag called The Brooklyn, which I saw a picture of in Paris last weekend. It is leather and has patent C's on the bag, but I didnt think it looked the same. Maybe this is the bag she meant!